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Lower Volatility, Higher Diversity

Generally speaking, real estate has a lower volatility when compared to bonds and equities. Reducing the risk of volatility yet still maintaining relatively high risk-adjusted returns is one aspect that makes real estate investing so attractive.  And since private real estate is historically decoupled from stocks and bonds, adding this to your portfolio can help to reduce portfolio turbulence. This makes real estate a great hedge against fluctuating market cycles and an intelligent way to diversify your portfolio.

Monthly Cash Flow

As a real estate investor, you’ll be investing in an asset backed by bricks and mortar, not intangibles like stocks and bonds. Service-based tenants like gyms, medical offices, restaurants, and hair salons don’t face outsourcing issues. In particular, with the average American facing longer life expectancy, medical offices are poised to see growth in the coming years. When you invest with us,  Property Income Trust will send you deposits each month based on the rents we receive on the properties we own. Historically, as inflation rises so have property rents. Many of our leases are triple net (aka NNN) in structure, which means our tenants pay most expense increases directly. All of this can provide more stable and rising monthly cash distributions from a real asset.

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Unlike a real estate investment trust (REIT), Property Income Trust offers you direct participation in the tax shelters inherent in real estate.  One of the main reasons to invest in real  estate is its tax efficiency; however, many companies have structured themselves in a way to prevent the full participation in tax efficiency by all investors. Property Income Trust has organized for all investors in the same way we’ve done in the past for the wealthiest investors.  You will receive the full benefit of any tax shelters, such as depreciation and interest deduction against real estate whenever available. We also plan to make investing in real estate via your tax-deferred IRA account available in the near future. Let one of our team members guide you through these benefits when you reach out to Property Income Trust today.


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