It’s time for smarter real estate investing.


Investments include a mix of high-quality brick and mortar locations such as medical offices and retail properties. Forget the crystal balls; we aim for robust portfolios built on solid historical foundations with an eye towards the future.


PIT isn’t a Silicon Valley startup trying to make a quick buck. We’re real estate people with over 85 combined years of real estate experience between us. It’s just what we do. We’ve got real skin in the game–we invest 20% of all funds raised up to $10 million. When you win, we win.  And we like winning.


The days of barriers to real estate investing are gone. Let us be your partner as you take the first step to building your portfolio. Try us out and see how easy investing in real estate can be.

Somebody who knows real estate investing.

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What We Do

There’s a lot of information out there about different approaches to successful real estate investing. We believe that success is a direct result of a disciplined approach backed by experience navigating today’s real estate markets. Property Income Trust  relies on diversity within our investments to achieve exceptional results and stay relatively insulated from specific risks. Medical office and prime retail locations  form the backbone of our strategy, creating long term gains that will help you on your path towards financial security.

Who We Are

Property Income Trust is aiming to make real estate investing affordable and accessible for everyone. We know that making an investment in real estate in a big step in securing wealth and security for your future and we want to work with you every step of the way.  Our founders have worked with some of the wealthiest families in the country; it’s time for you to join them and make your investment work for you. You want somebody who knows real estate inside and out and sees you as a partner, not just an account number. We’re Property Income Trust, and we’re honored to work with you.

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Popular Questions

What is Property Income Trust LLC?

We are a newly organized Delaware limited liability company which will invest in and manage a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate assets. The use of the terms “Property Income Trust”, the “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this Offering Circular refer to Property Income Trust LLC unless the context indicates otherwise.


Who will choose which investments you make?

We are externally managed by our Manager, PIT Manager LLC.  Our Manager will make all of our investment decisions unilaterally (see the “Management” section starting on page  for details).


Who is Mascia Development LLC?

Mascia Development LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company, is our “Sponsor” and an affiliate of our Manager (see the “Overview Of Our Sponsor” starting on page  for details).


How often are distributions expected to be made to Investors?

Subject to the Company’s performance and having sufficient cash flow, the Manager intends to pay distributions to all Investors on a monthly basis in arrears commencing in the first full month after the month in which we make our first real estate-related investment.


Why should someone invest in commercial real estate investments?

Our goal is to provide a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of high-quality commercial real estate assets to investors who generally have had limited access to such investments in the past. Allocating some portion of your portfolio to a direct investment in high-quality commercial real estate assets may provide you with:


Why focus on medical properties?

On top of the aforementioned reasons to invest in commercial real estate there are also some strong benefits to investing specifically in medical office properties. Some of the benefits are described now. Thanks to the aging baby boomers, there is a long-term demographic trend toward an aging population and higher medical spending per capita, all favoring the healthcare industry growth. The Affordable Care Act is further expected to increase medical spending among consumers nationwide not just the aging population. Medical professionals as office users are historically less likely to change locations than other office users, because of the substantial capital investments required in facilities and equipment, which makes them stable attractive long-term tenants. Higher predictability of returns due to long-term nature of leases and tenant responsibility for most operating costs and opportunity for growth in cash flow and valuation due to contractual rent increases.


Why focus on retail properties?

Again, retail properties benefit from all of the commercial real estate investment benefits described above, but retail properties specifically have some additional benefits described here. We believe the fear among other real estate investors that internet retailers such as and the like, will “kill brick-and-mortar retailers” is overblown/oversold.


Why not invest only in retail and medical office?

Our investment strategy is based on a “contrarian” or “value” investment thesis, meaning we typically invest counter to the common market sentiment to achieve maximum value.


How is an investment in the Company’s Series A Investor Shares different from investing in Series A Investor Shares of a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (also known as a REIT)?

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of differences between a REIT and our Series A Investor Shares, but merely a highlight of the main differences. For further details, please consult your investment and tax advisor.


How is an investment in your Series A Investor Shares different from investing in Series A Investor Shares of a private non-exchange traded REIT?

The primary difference is that we neither charge nor do we intend to pay any broker-dealer distribution fees, which represents a savings to Investors of approximately 70% to 90% in upfront expenses as compared to a traditional non-exchange traded REIT.


How is an investment in your Series A Investor Shares different from investing in Series A Investor Shares of other real estate investment opportunities offered by online real estate investment platforms, sometimes called crowdfunding platforms?

We are one of only a few real estate investment companies available to both accredited and non-accredited investors offered directly over the internet. Currently, online investment platforms typically offer individual property investments as private placements to accredited investors only.


Does the Manager (and/or its Affiliates) have any capital invested (a/k/a “skin in the game”)?

Yes. Our Manager and/or its affiliates shall make a combined equity investment in an expected amount of 20% of the total Series A Investor Shares outstanding, up to a maximum of $10,000,000 at the initial $25 per Share price. The money will be invested over time to match the 20% of total Series A Investor Shares outstanding until a maximum $10,000,000 has been invested. This investment will represent a significant portion of the net worth of the CEO and COO of our Sponsor, helping to ensure alignment of interests between management and Investors.


Who might benefit from an investment in our Series A Investor Shares?

An investment in our Series A Investor Shares may be beneficial for you if you seek to diversify your investment portfolio with some commercial real estate, seek to receive current income, seek to preserve capital and are able to hold your investment for a long term time period consistent with our liquidity strategy. On the other hand, we caution persons who require immediate liquidity or guaranteed income, or who seek a short-term investment, to consider that an investment in our Series A Investor Shares will not meet those needs.

The historical data support one conclusion with unusual force: To invest with success, you must be a long-term investor.

John C. Bogle


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